SaD Symphony & Metallica

A unique tribute project to the show
happened in 1999 with Metallica & SFSO in S. Francisco

"After 5 years of work, the show took its first light thanks to Master Fabrizio Castania, the orchestra director which transcribed the full original parts for the symphony"

Introduction to: S&M - Symphony & Metallica

Metallica is one of the most famous band ever.
They’re extremely active since 1983 when they stepped into scene with their first album, and they’ve continued growing in the decades after (with record sales of more than 100 million copies sold), gaining fans all over the world and becoming one of the greatest live shows of all times.
In 1999, Metallica played a special concert in San Francisco where they were accompanied by the S. Francisco Symphony orchestra directed by Michael Kamen. That event got a huge success and the band produced a DVD of the show together with a double CDs, recording that unique whole night.

Metallica repeated that wonderful night on a double concert on Sept 6th and 7th 2019 for the 20th anniversary called S&M² with sold out tickets on both dates. The S&M² concert featured the first live performances of Michael Kamen’s original arrangements in 20 years, plus the first-ever Metallica/San Francisco Symphony renditions of songs written and released since the original S&M, with new orchestral charts by Bruce Coughlin and under direction of Michael Tilson Thomas.

Nowadays, the millions of worldwide Metallica fans are divided in two categories: the lovers of the first 5 albums (from 1983 to 1991) which include the major successful hits, and a “younger” slice of people following the band from 1996 ahead. The Symphony and Metallica performance is indisputably the junction point of these two generations. This great show has demonstrated that even metal/rock music is “universal” when joined to a more classical experience and therefore Metallica conquered also the hearts of a great part of market “out of the niche”.

SaD Symphony Metallica Tribute 38
SaD Symphony Metallica Tribute 8

The Première of SaD Symphony & Metallica project

After 15 years spent in reproducing tribute live shows of Metallica and with a continuously growing number of fans, SaD decided to invest on a bigger show with the purpose to truly reproduce the unique show of Symphony and Metallica played in 1999 and to play this amazing event in the most important cities of Europe, in order to make people live this wonderful experience 20 years later. The initial effort has been made by the band itself to self-produce the whole first show made on Nov 30th 2019, at Vicenza City Hall Theater in Italy. 

The event has registered full sold-out tickets (910 people) precisely in 16 days after pre-sales opening, 2 months before the show itself. 

Considering the unicity of this show, it embraces fans of all ages, from young to aged people, from metal fans to classical music lovers, thus creating a huge family with same passion. 

Over 45 people on stage.
A massive tribute show, unique in its genre.

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SaD Symphony Metallica Tribute Mattia Montin

Mattia Montin

Singer & Rhythm Guitarist

SaD Metallica Tribute 601

Eddie Thespot

Lead Guitarist

SaD Symphony Metallica Tribute 280

Fabrizio Castania

Symphony Director

Some videos of the S&M show première

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