SaD Metallica Tribute 549

Matteo Bertoldi

Professional musician and graduate of the Lizard Academy. Over the years he has mastered all the techniques of bass playing, specialising in three-finger plucking. In 2022, thanks to his success on social media, he started an endorsement collaboration with Yamaha and Ampeg and is becoming more and more active in the Italian music scene. 

He first discovered Metallica by listening to Master of Puppets and since then he’s been a big fan of all their bass players. (quote) “Cliff fascinated me first for his technique and then, as I grew as a musician, I came to appreciate him in all his shades, especially his taste and his ability to compose. Jason gave a lot to the band, both live and in the studio (despite their problems) with his incomparable stage presence and vocal support, and finally Rob as an example of a skilled musician who managed to find his role in a band with two decades of experience”.

With SaD, his goal is to pay tribute to all these amazing bassists while adding his personal touch.

Equipment used on stage:


  • Washburn mb8 mercury series – (1992)
  • Fender Jazz Usa – Black – (2013)
  • Aria pro II – White – (2022)
  • Yamaha BBP34 pro series – (2021)
  • Yamaha TRBX604 – (2022)


  • Mesa Boogie M Pulse 600 (Head)
  • Mesa Boogie 4×10 Vintage Powerhouse (cabinet)
  • Line 6 HX Stomp XL Multi FX


  • Shure BLX14 S8 (pocket transmitter)
  • LD SYSTEMS MEI 1000 G2 (in ear monitors)


  • YAMAHA RightOn! Race Strap Black (bass strap)

Today SaD members are:

Mattia Montin

Vocal & Rhythm Guitar

Matteo Bertoldi

Bass Guitar

Eddie Thespot

Lead Guitar