SaD European Metallica Tribute Mattia Montin

Mattia Montin

Raised with a classical education (he played the flute for 9 years), he fell in love with the electric guitar in his teens and began to grow his true Metallica passion in the late nineties. 


Singer and guitarist in a grunge band, he spent a few years in the early 2000s writing his own music (recording 2 EPs) and playing some cover songs, but when the band split in 2003 he decided to start a brand new project to play only Metallica songs. At a time when social networks and smartphones didn’t exist, his love for Metallica grew, and he attended their shows at every opportunity, but above all he dedicated his entire musical career to them. 

The last of the founding members, since 2004 Mattia has put all his love into SaD, his only and unique project. The LOVE for Metallica is still his greatest passion.

Equipment used on stage:


  • ESP Explorer MX250 II – Black – (1996)
  • Esp Explorer MX250 II – White – (2005)
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom – Black – (2008)
  • Ken Lawrence explorer – (2022)
  • Gibson Flying V – White – (2022)

Voice & Monitors:

  • Shure Super 55 BLK – Pitch Black edition
  • Shure SE315 CL (In-Ear Monitor)


  • Mesa Boogie Triaxis (All Tube Preamplifier)
  • Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Stereo
  • Mesa Boogie 4×12 Traditional (cabinet)
  • Rane PE17 Parametric Equalizer
  • Boss GT-6 Multi FX (MIDI + send/return)
  • Mooer GE300 Lite (PA direct)


  • Sennheiser EW100 G3 (guitar)
  • ING 30T (In Ear Transmitter)
  • XVive U2 (for flight travels) 


  • Delrin custom picks 1.0mm
  • Levy’s Leather guitar strap
  • Strings: Ernie Ball 2215 Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 10/52 

Today SaD members are:

Mattia Montin

Vocal & Rhythm Guitar

Matteo Bertoldi

Bass Guitar

Eddie Thespot

Lead Guitar