SaD Symphony Metallica Tribute Fabrizio Castanìa

Fabrizio Castanìa

Violinist, composer and conductor, he is the author of soundtracks for over 20 american movies, theatrical works, incidental and ballet music, compositions for symphony orchestra, choral compositions and chamber music.

With a massive credits discography, he has conducted orchestras in England, Spain, Germany, Slovenia, California – USA, Italy and Poland. Since 2000 he has been Conductor of the Silver Symphony Orchestra with whom he has created the following shows: Pop meets Classic, TV Music, Queen Symphonic Tribute, PIMKO – concert dedicated to the theme songs of Japanese cartoons, From Hell To Heaven – rock-symphonic opera, Silver Christmas, Abba Pop Tribute, Oscar Notes, 150 YEARS OF US, “Burt Bacharach Tribute”.

In 2019 he created all the orchestrations of the SaD – Symphony & Metallica show. His passion and dedication to music are unique.